Tough man for a tough job. Tunnel Supervision backs his work.

Tunnel Supervision is a web based application which can provide all teams involved in a project the user-friendly environment for complete data management. The focus is put especially on the following items:

Activities & Delays Production Rates Construction Schedule Quantity & Quality Excavation Classes Rock Support Geology TBM Parameters Site Diary & Photo Documentation

Data are interconnected. The enhanced Statistics, which forms a core of the application, allows evaluating of all sort of data at a glance. Users can define statistics according to their requirements or they can use the predefined statistics. The statistics can deal with the most of the above listed items including comparison of actual rates and parameters with contractually expected rates and parameters. Automatically generated routine reports are available. When required, the reports can be tailored according to the users' needs.

Payment certifications are easily carried out with usage of Tunnel Supervision. In addition, Tunnel Supervision produces vital information for assessing the claims.


Experienced practitioners in tunnelling supported by software engineers have developed Tunnel Supervision over the course of underground works including mega projects. They provide 24/7 support and can deal with the tasks that underground work generates. They can provide support at the site as required, set-up and tailor the application according to the user/project speciļ¬c needs, give training and much more. Meanwhile, the application is continuously updated free of charge.

Once in the project a supervision quality is enriched; data and information sharing are boosted; construction schedule, quality and quantity of tunnelling works are kept under tight control; delays are minimized or soon addressed. As a side effect the cost of the project is reduced.

For more information and help to apply Tunnel Supervision in your project please do not hesitate to contact us.

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